Online Gambling

Online Gambling

Whether you are novice or a veteran to gambling, it is imperative that you know as much about rules and strategy to optimize your chances of coming out ahead. Although gambling should always be looked at as entertainment and not as a source of income, that doesn’t mean you should throw away your hard-earned money. Investing the time to learn the basic rules and advanced strategy will go a long way to increasing your chances of having a fun and profitable gambling session.

Before you start gambling for real money you should take the time to read the rules enough times to know the game inside and out. Without a solid understanding of the basics, you won’t be able properly grasp advanced strategy. Finding a good gambling guide that will walk you through the basics can be an arduous task, but they do exist if you have the patience to search for them. Once you have a working knowledge of the rules the best thing you can do before jumping into strategy is to play a few games at an online casino (in free mode of course) to test your understanding of the fundamentals of the game.

Once you have learned the essentials, the next step is to delve into learning the optimal strategy. At the end of the day the house always wins, so unless you derive some sort of pleasure in giving your money away, it is imperative that you learn the optimal strategy for whatever game you are playing. Some games, such as roulette and slots, have no optimal strategy per se since you cannot directly influence the house edge, but there are other strategies you can employ to protect your bankroll.

Strategies are generally more involved then the basic rules of the game, so it is equally important to practice before you decide to play for real money – while you may pick up the rules fairly quickly, strategies can be very complex, particularly a strategy that gives you the optimal chance of winning. Once you feel confident enough in your play-style, it is time to put your knowledge to the test.

Any decent casino guide will have supplemental articles from a variety of topics designed to augment your overall knowledge of casinos or specific games. There is only so much information that can be crammed into the rules and strategy explanations – articles serve to tackle specific subjects that might not necessarily be pertinent to rules or strategy, but still provide valuable information.

For online gaming, it is very important that you find the right online casino to play at – respectable online casino guides will have objective reviews to online casinos, and good webmasters will only vouch for casinos that they have played at personally. There are a ton of dishonest online casinos out there which is why it is so important to do your research. A good online casino guide will give you all the information you need to become a better gambler, and provide you with in-depth, unbiased reviews.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran to the gambling world, you can easily augment your knowledge of gambling with a little time and effort. You can think of it as an investment – when it comes to

maximizing your potential profit when gambling, knowledge is of the utmost importance.

Play”7 Sultans Online Casino”

Established back in 1998, 7 Sultans Online Casino is becoming one of the most
playable online casinos on the net with over 500 games and winning jackpots
over one million dollars!

Banking methods are available in multiple currencies such as Australian Dollars,
Swiss Francs, Euros, Krone, Kroner, Kroner, Canadian Dollars, U.K Pounds,
New Zealand Dollars and U.S Dollars.

7 Sultans Casino can be played in English, French, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Spanish
and Portuguese.

– Currently No USA Players Allowed Sorry-

7 sultans Casino games online


Latest popular slots include:

-“Game Of Thrones”
-“Castle Builder”
-“Jurassic Park”
-“Robo Jack”
-“Max Damage”
-“Red Hot Devil”
-“Gung Pow”
-“So Much Sushi”

…and many more.

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-Silver Oak Online Casino Review-

Silver Oak Online Casino finds itself on the forefront of the online casino evolution, and from this advantage point, we can see it all: casino game bonuses for real money, free spins, deposits and of course super incentives.
When you’re on top of your casino game, everyone is looking at you. The thing is, we find it easy, and we’re more than up for the challenge of staying ahead of the curve.
silver oak casino testimony
Promotions and Bonuses
Silver Oak Casino offers a great welcome bonus to new players. Over each of the first ten deposits players are entitled to a 100% match bonus of up to $1,000. Players who can utilize this bonus in full will get $10,000 in free wagering money. The bonus amount must be wagered a minimum of 30 times. If the wagering is done on allowed Table Games and Video Poker then the requirement increases to 60 times.All Existing players can avail of reload bonuses, promotions and comp points. The Weekly Bonuses is the most popular. The bonus starts as a 100% deposit bonus in the first week. Every week the bonus percent increases by 20% till it reaches 160% in the last week. Other bonus schemes are Blackjack Bonus, Happy Hour Bonus and Re-Deposit Bonus. The Promo Crazy Days offers a special offer every day of the week. Larger promotional events are announced from time to time.
Accepting players from around the world, the casino supports multiple languages and currencies. With an awesome selection of trusted payment methods, all players will easily be able to conduct casino transactions. The most popular method for making casino deposits and withdrawals is credit cards, but the casino also supports the use of electronic payment methods such as Neteller and Click2Pay. Players will also find they are able to use bank checks and cash transfers to fund their player accounts.
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The Gambler

The Gambler

The car was accelerating beyond its capacities and Turgay was tired, but he had to reach his destination, This was his chance to win it all back, not all the money he had lost but his life back .His nose still hurt from the beating he got ,and he was scared for the first time but he had to do this May be for the last time but he had to do this.

Turgay had been gambling since age 9,started back in the slums where his old house used to be, with no father as a role model and a mother a really pretty widow at age 27 he had many role models to look up to, some to hate some to teach him, how to be a man .He grew up quickly. At the age of 19 he was an ace in cheating and gambling and he also did jobs that weren’t for the faint hearted. He seldom went to districts that rich people hung out, he made decent money enough to support himself and his mother, and still have some to spend for the hell of it, he liked taking a peak at what was going on with the “rich kids” of his age, those kids that he ripped off at gambling tables ,he envied but also hated these kids “ungrateful bastards” he called them. They were loved and supported by their parents they had fancy cars, pretty girl friends and best of all  no worry about their future, or how to get by and they were just fixated on spending their fathers money, he could hear them talk about how they ditched class in the university or how they lied to the father to borrow money to study but lost it all on gambling.

The money they lost the money he won. He was grateful  for that. He made a living out of it and he was good at it, he enjoyed it.It was like balance for him , he was dealt with a bad hand, but he pushed his luck to even the odds. Money was power and power was respect and respect was women and joy, all he ever wanted from rich University student’s hang out gamble café’s to secret gambling tables inside Barber shops and finally to casinos out of town and country, by the age 25 was living in a big ass house in a rich district dating models and driving fast cars, he had decent money and was gambling with rich men double his age, ripping them off, when there were no one to gamble with he could always find a rigged match or get tipped off about a horse race. Loosing was in the blood of the business sayings like “you can’t win them all”,” the house always wins” were there for a reason so he knew when to quit how to quit h. If he sat with people that he had crushed at a poker game before he made sure he lost enough for the guys to win back some of what they lost then it was all luck, if he was out of it he would quit the table he never pushed his luck he wasn’t playing against normal people after all, these guys he was playing up against weren’t exactly earning the money on legit businesses and some of them were the type that you wouldn’t want to piss off, and it wasn’t easy to differentiate who was who because they were all rich and new faces came and gone easily there was a logic behind this game, a pattern and if you played right you would win big and loose just enough.

With money his habits changed , women, drugs and sex, he became reckless, went to many parties hung around with washed out celebrities,  got invited to secret events, He met Olga in one of those secret parties. This one was held in a villa of a rich Arab, drugs and drinks in every corner, little coke and a little ex there whiskey and vodka here, half naked women dancers, models, escort girls walking around in high heels ,and short skirts and bikinis everywhere, sounds of leisure and pleasure coming form every room with a door closed. Black Jack and poker being played in tables,  loud dj-music playing at the back.

Olga was in the hot tub with her friends  around some fat ugly rich bastard when Turgay spotted her, “best peace of ass in the joint probably”, he thought. He admired the beauty of Russian girls, they were wired differently, long legs pretty colorful  eyes, great hair, perfect skin with or without a tan. fast metabolism and a hunger for sex. He was about to find out how hard it was to keep one just his. Turgay wasn’t an ugly guy and he was pretty much the youngest guy in the party at the age of 28 he had lovely blue eyes decently shaped body and to top that up he was a self-made billionaire. He got enough attention from the women as it is. Women were there for the money and a rich young guy was better then a rich old guy. Turgay went to a spot to watch the gamble table’s where Olga approached him with a glass of Jack Daniels, they started conversing and exchanging ideas something clicked between them ,it might have been the coke and the rush Turgay felt while looking at Olga’s lovely green eyes and luscious lips  his heart pumping blood all through his veins faster and faster he felt like he was hearing from a stereoscope every minute he looked at her and watched her red lips move when she talked.

After that Olga became Turgay’s girl, Only Turgay’s and that was it, He took care of her, bought her jewels expensive designer clothes and a cars to keep her entertained, paid photographers to make her a decent portfolio so that she would also rise in her career and stop whoring around for money and drugs. But for all these he needed more money, and he became ambitious. and now with something to loose he  became reckless. He just didn’t know what it was that he was afraid to loose, was it Olga or his dignity if he caught Olga cheating with another rich gambling buddy of his. He was failing to follow the system he built for himself and in 2 years all of his fears realized.

It was in another secret party that he lost track of Olga, while he was gambling at a poker table, He had already lost a great deal, his mind was on Olga, his eyes searching around the house not even paying attention to the table, to pull himself together he was doing coke in secrecy, and everything got so confusing after a while, he found himself walking around the house searching for Olga, leaving a game like that wasn’t his style but that wasn’t him in control he was enjoying the ride from his auto-piloted self.After 15 minutes of searching through the house which seemed like a second but felt like an hour Olga was no where to be found, and he needed to go to the bathroom to take a leek. Bathroom door was locked, but he had to get in it was either that or he was going to piss in his pants so he forced the door open only to find Olga blowing an old guy face buried deep in the old guys fat belly, trying to swallow his little pecker, gagging at it.

The auto pilot switched to battle mode, in nano-seconds, he found himself holding the guys head at one hand and punching him unconscious with the other, blood everywhere on his face, probably a broken nose too. Olga was screaming with fear with a bruised purple eye, still trying to hit some blow that was scattered on the floor right behind him. He left her there and walked out of the bathroom he probably pissed somewhere in between the unconscious guy and Olga, may be he pissed on both of them. He was walking down the stairs and that’s when the lights went out. The next thing he remembered was that he was tied down on a chair, soaking wet, with heart pounding like the day he met Olga, but this time it was fear not coke. The guy Olga was blowing was not an ordinary guy after all, he was a new in the game mob from Czech Republic, he looked straight at Turgays face with bloody tissues coming out of his nose wearing the same blood covered shirt he was wearing back at the party looking miserable and in pain. Turgay would laugh at the state of this fat guy if he was not the one tied up, but he feared the worse would happen and that his luck was out, he had made so many mistakes in this late 2 years and finally they caught up with him. “This is the last waltz” he thought and it wasn’t going to be pretty.

“You know who you fucked with little man?” asked the Fat guy. “can you bloody imagine the things I could do to you?” his memory flashed back 2 years ago to the pool party and he recognized the guy now,it was the same old fat rich guy Olga was in the hot tub with. Turgay tried to respond but he got a punch on the mouth before he could open it and say a word. “but you aren’t out of luck just yet, you see I had been fucking your girl for a while now, and the word is even though you aren’t good in bed” the men around the room started to laugh at this statement, the fat guy continued  while walking in circles around turgay “ you are a great gambler”  then he caught Turgay by the hair and came so close that Turgay could feel the old mans breath at his face “and you will win a game for me, you will put all your money in this game and if you win it I just might let you have one fifth of the winning.” He gave a small slap to Turgay’s cheek and said “its either that, or my men will drill a hole through your dick and fuck you from that whole while you bleed to death” One of his men covered in big tattoos was holding a drill, and even though that was sick to think of a thing like this he did meet some men capable of doing horrible shit like that. The fat guy continued “are you going to do it or not?” With tears coming out of his blue eyes Turgay started to think of all he had gone through to get to this point, this was too a gamble and everything was better than meeting an end like that. So he yelled “yes,I will do it”. The fat guy punched Turgay at his nose it wasn’t enough to break it and his hand hurt, looking to the runt beside him he yelled “break his nose then patch him up and leave him at his house.” The fat guy was halfway out of the room then he yelled “don’t get funny ideas about going to the police or running away, we will find you anywhere” then he went out. He felt a crack in his nose and a deep pain suddenly hit his eyes, and the back of his brain, it was hurting a lot and he could feel the wet blood covering his face and clothes. He knew that fat bastard meant every word he said.

One week later he was contacted about the games location and there he was driving his car to the city with big fancy lights, with everything he had at the trunk of the car and this life he built to take back at lady lucks hands.


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What is Donald Trump’s Favorite Casino Game?

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What is Donald Trump’s Favorite Casino Game?

WWorld-famous businessman and ”Celebrity Apprentice” guru, Donald Trump, is no stranger to gambling.  ”Oh I like a lot of them, over the years I’ve owned casinos and I still do,” he muses.  ”But my favorite is Blackjack. I’m pretty good.”  What’s the most he’s ever won?  ”Well, I can’t tell you that because legally I’m not allowed to talk about the casino world,” he explains.  ”But it was a lot.”  And there you have it.

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Macau is the only place in China where gambling is legal.

【Lisboa Hotel in Macau】

Macau is the only place in China where gambling is legal.
There is a different world separated from the ordinary in a casino.
It’s an unusual environment for people that have lived in a country, such as Japan, where it is illegal.
Even if you don’t like gambling and don’t gamble, like me, you may enjoy the casino by just walking around.

It is not too much to say that the Lisboa Hotel & Casino is the symbol of Macau.
The Lisboa Hotel has an architecture that is in harmony with both the Portuguese style and Chinese style, and has been in Macau from beginning of Macau’s casino history.
Currently Lisboa Hotel connects to its little sister, the Grand Lisboa, by a foot bridge.

The Grand Lisboa is 260 meters high and the exterior looks like a glowing golden bulb with a flaming, torch shaped structure, attached.
It is new landmark for Macau, and helps people navigate the peninsula’s streets.

Lisboa Hotel


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